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Edge - Rated R Superstar - Mens WWE Retro T-Shirt

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Re-live Edge’s memorable run as the “Rated R-Superstar” with this authentic WWE t-shirt. A trademark black t-shirt, the front features the iconic Edge star in grey and the “Rated R-Superstar” logo in shaded white. 

The back features a stark warning of what it takes to be “Rated R” with a similar grey Edge star.

After winning the WWE Championship at New Year’s Revolution 2006 by cashing in his Money in the Bank contract against John Cena, Edge solidified himself as a WWE Hall of Famer. The WWE Universe remember this iconic t-shirt design fondly from this era as Edge proudly wore it every week on Monday Night Raw, adding to his unique look and style. 

A timeless classic, the “Rated R-Superstar” t-shirt is instantly recognisable the world over.

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