WWE Originals CD (2004)
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WWE Originals CD (2004)

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WWE Originals CD (2004)

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1. Stone Cold Steve Austin - Where's The Beer?
2. Dudley Boys - We've Had Enough
3. Trish Stratus - I Just Want You
4. Rey Mysterio - Crossing Borders
5. Stone Cold Steve Austin - Did You Feel It?
6. Booker T - Can You Dig It?
7. Kurt Angle - I Don’t Suck
8. Lita - When I Get You Alone
9. Stone Cold Steve Austin - You Changed The Lyrics
10. Lillian Garcia - You Just Don’t Know Me At All
11. Eddie & Chavo Guerrero - We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal
12. Chris Jericho - Don’t You Wish You Were Me?
13. Stone Cold Steve Austin - Drink You Beer
14. Rikishi - Put A Little Ass On It
15. Stacy Keibler - Why Can’t We Just Dance?
16. John Cena - Basic Thugonomics
17. Stone Cold Steve Austin - Don't That Taste Good?

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