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WWE Intercontinental Championship (Black Strap)
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WWE Intercontinental Championship (Black Strap)

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WWE Intercontinental Championship (Black Strap)

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This version is taken from a mold of the original Replica Belt handmade by Reggie Parks and will contain the original block letter WWF logos. It is the same thickness and length as the original belt. It measures 4 feet 2 inches in length and weighs over 5 pounds. The center medallions measures 8.5 inches tall. It has 2 medallions on each side. The strap is made out of our New and Improved simulated leather. It is fastened by 8 snaps on each side. Fits up to a 46 inch waist. Belt comes in a cloth logo bag.

Background of the belt: 

Held by superstars such as Macho Man Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, Rick Rude, Mr. Perfect, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, Ric Flair and more.

During 1986, the original version of this Intercontinental Championship belt was introduced. Made using the acid etching process, the belt was made by Reggie Parks who had taken over making the belts for all the major promotions in North America. It was a gold plated belt, 5 plates on hand tooled black leather. More commonly referred to as the ‘Reggie IC’ among collectors and belt enthusiasts, this belt is likely the 2nd most popular classic belt of all time behind the WWF ‘Winged Eagle’ title belt. The original Reggie IC had no tooling pattern on the strap, all 4 side plates were the same size and the WWF logo on the main plate was etched and filled with red paint:

The original Reggie IC version had no tooling pattern on the strap, all 4 side plates were the same size and the WWF logo on the main plate was etched and filled with red paint:

Once Randy Savage won the strap from Tito Santana, he used brasso polish on the belt which removed all the gold plating and ruined the belt. This was switched in 1988 with a new version of the same design.

In 1988, while the Honky Tonk Man was in the midst of his record setting reign with the strap, it was replaced. It was still the Reggie IC but there were some minor differences. The strap now had a sea shell tooling pattern on it, the outer side plates were slightly smaller than the inner side plates, it had a thin logo plate at one end and the WWF logo on the main plate was no longer etched, but was now raised and no longer red. Also during this time a gold tip was added to the end of the strap to match the WWF world and tag titles of the time

This belt was used during the Hulkamania golden age of the World Wrestling Federation and this was when it enjoyed its most success, classed as the ‘workers title’, many great matches were fought over this championship. Holding the Intercontinental title at that time really meant something.

Throughout its run, the Reggie IC was presented on TV on various colour straps. The Ultimate Warrior was the first superstar to have it on a different colour when he debuted it in yellow during late 1989, this lasted until WrestleMania VI in April 1990 when he unified the WWF World and Intercontinental titles and was subsequently stripped of the Intercontinental title, which soon reverted to black. Other coloured versions included white and blue.

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