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Frequently Asked Questions;

  •  Is your question regarding an upcoming product?
    The latest Release date estimates we get from manufacturers regarding upcoming products, are updated the moment we get them in the Coming-soon area. We get frequent updates regarding every series. Action figures arrive on ship-containers and this is why there is only an estimate of when they are due. Once they are made available, an email is sent to those subscribed on these products. It is recommended to subscribe to product notifications for updates. Each series listed, means we have ordered it from the manufacutrer, if it is not listed, we are not currently expecting it. Everything is subject to change, which can include release dates and wrestlers included in assortments. Chase-Edition WWE Elites are usually made available a short time after the allocation has been sorted and we find out how many have been included. Contacting us regarding an upcoming item will not mean a different estimate than what is listed.

  • Payment processing error
    If you attempted a transaction and it didnt go through and came up with an error, it's almost certainly due to a security issue regarding the card, matching with the address details entered. This is not in our control, nor anything we have access to. All we would see is a failed attempt with a reason code. A successful order will give you a success page, with an order number and a confirmation e-mail. If none of these happen and an error code appears, there is no order placed. It may show as pending or that is has come out of your account, however this would be a temporary hold that will release back to you shortly. (Times can vary depending on the issuer, we expect up to 7 days in some cases). This is completely out of our control. As a solution, PayPal, or Google Pay can be used as an altervative. Apple Pay will be available to use soon. These alternative options can usually solve most issues as they use a different type of security technology. Security measures are increased for customers and our security.

  •  Tracking information.
    Please note tracking link depending on the carrier can be found within your order area.
  • Is there a physical shop in London I can visit?
    We are based online only. There are occasional live events which we invite customers to visit.