Mattel introduces a new series called WWE RetroFest into the popular action figure line-up. We take a look at the first-ever WWE RetroFest figure Macho Man Randy Savage.

There has been a growing trend in legendary wrestlers being included into the WWE action figure line. Known as Flashbacks in the Elite series, they are included within every scaled line of Mattel products from Battle-Packs to Basics.

Usually legendary figures are seen sparsely within a specific core series such as Basics or Elites, this is due to a higher turnaround of sales on the current WWE Superstars which are seen on weekly television.

Macho Man WWE RetroFest figure in the ring
Macho Man WWE RetroFest in the ring

Classic WWE wrestlers are still immensely popular and several spin-off lines are now focusing solely on legendary wrestlers. These include the Hall of Fame / Hall of Champions series, Best of Attitude Era series and now the WWE RetroFest series.

Even WWE Retros, which are based from the original Hasbro figures include mainly current WWE Superstars with legends mixed in.

The WWE RetroFest name is based from WrestleFest, an arcade game released in 1991 by Technos which got positive reviews. This was before home consoles had become the norm. Previous generations will remember waiting in line to enter their coins for a chance to play their favourite arcade games.

This is also where the arcade style packaging comes in from the WrestleFest arcade game. It is also suitable as they are due for a gaming retailer across the United States. They will be available from Wrestling Shop also.

Side of Arcade game WWE packaging
Side of Arcade game WWE packaging

The packaging is the number one selling point from our point of view. Essentially you are getting a unique exclusive action figure, however this is one where you will want to keep the box even if you open it up.

The retro arcade packaging includes the wrestlers artwork, RetroFest logo, plus the arcade buttons and coin slots with the figure included within the actual screen in a window display. There is a view through the top of the box also which is shaped in a WWE Retro logo.

Reverse of Box Macho Man WWE RetroFest figure
Reverse packaging

The reverse of the packaging displays the wrestlers finishing move, signature moves and other vital statistics in an original early 90s font.

The side of the packaging includes the new 2018 WWE Elite Collection logo, which is the only downfall in the packaging as it could have easily included Retro only logos across the entire box, keeping it more authentic as this line only includes legends.

The first WWE RetroFest figure is Macho Man Randy Savage, wearing stars and stripes. It includes his trademark hat and glasses as removable accessories and is in the Elite Collection line, which means it has more articulation and accessories versus the basic line.

Honky Tonk Man WWE RetroFest

The next two planned for the WWE RetroFest series include Shawn Michaels from The Rockers, followed by The Honky Tonk Man, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Ric Flair in a red robe. All are fitting for the era, although we are awaiting if there will be a Marty Jannetty Rockers version released to match it. Our guess is that it’s most likely however perhaps not in the same line.

See the full series available at Wrestling Shop.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Ric Flair WWE Retrofest
Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Ric Flair WWE Retrofest figures

Future RetroFest figures include: