WWE Figures – Complete buying guide

We detail the current WWE Figures available by category with a short description of each action figure assortment.

Since January 2010, Mattel have held the master toy licence to manufacture WWE Figures. This gives them the rights to produce all available WWE Superstars that they wish, subject to approval.

WWE Figures by Mattel are produced in a 7-inch scale, depending on the actual height of the wrestlers, they may be slightly shorter or taller. Some may include accessories such as WWE title belts. This was a key difference introduced in 2010, previously no other WWE toy manufacturer produced realistically with the wrestlers actual height.

Each series, also known as an assortment is usually numbered, for example Elite Collection Series #65. The series contains usually 6 different characters in the series for Elites and each is usually released every 2 months. Basic figures which now contain 5 wrestlers are released every month.

From 2019, Mattel have made two changes that effect most of the figures produced. The face scanning technology has been improved across all figures and in the Elite line, additional hands are included with the male wrestlers which can be changed to hold items or for an entrance pose.

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These are the different types of core WWE Figures by Mattel which are in 7-inch scale unless noted.

WWE Basic core figures

  • From £10 / $10 +
  • Currently produced up to or just past Series #91
  • Basic articulation
  • Usually do not feature accessories.
WWE Battle Pack figures

WWE Battle Packs

  • From £20 / $20 +
  • Currently produced up to or just past Series #57
  • Feature 2 relevant, usually from a feud or tag teams.
  • Basic articulation
  • Usually do not feature accessories.
WWE Elite Figures

WWE Elite Collection figures

  • From £20 / $20 +
  • Currently produced up to or just past Series #66
  • 20+points of articulation
  • Usually feature accessories or entrance gear.
WWE Ultimate Edition Figures

WWE Ultimate Edition figures

List of other Current WWE Figures

WWE Elite Collection spin-off series:
WWE Entrance Greats – featuring music display stand.
WWE Defining Moments – collector packaging.
WWE Fan Central – Voted for by the fans in polls.
WWE Hall of Champions – legends with title belts.
WWE NXT TakeOver – Only NXT superstars.
WWE Pay Per View themed – WrestleMania, SummerSlam, Survivor Series.
WWE RetroFest – Legends in collector video game packaging.

Other current Figures:
WWE Monsters / Mutants / Zombies – Basic figures with collector packaging.
WWE Retro figures – Throwback to Hasbro circa 1990 era. (3.5 inches)
WWE Sound Slammers – Interactive talking phrases

Previous Mattel WWE Figures no longer produced

WWE Hall of Fame (Elite) – Legends with accessories
WWE Network Spotlight (Elite & Basic)
WWE Then Now Forever (Elite & Basic)
WWE Tough Talkers – Interactive voices

WWE Toy manufacturers

It should be noted that other toy companies have produced their own lines of figures & play sets which would fall under different scales not produced by Mattel at that time. These include Funko POP Vinyls, Jada Toys Metals, Playmates Turtles, Bandai Tamashii Nations and real scale rings from Wicked Cool Toys. The latter two were subsequently stopped when Mattel decided to produce their own versions.

Prices on WWE action figures.

Prices can vary widely depending on many factors associated in any collector orientated business. Rare or exclusive figures can cost more generally to source and are brought in usually just so that they can be offered. Some may cost less or more than others even in the same series, however usually the prices are balanced overall. From time to time, sales could be found on selected figures.