Wrestling Daze Talks WWE Toy Hunts

Today we have been joined by popular YouTuber Wrestling Daze. While here doing a video we managed to grab him and get his thoughts on Toy Hunts and more in this exclusive interview.

Wrestling Daze on YouTube has uploaded videos which have reached currently excess of 30 million views in only two years since starting. He has also had a more than 2 million views in just a single video alone.

Who is Wrestling Daze?

He was featured on the intro of the July 11, 2017 edition of SmackDown Live, he has been featured in the Official WWE Kids magazine. He often visits the Wrestling Shop warehouse. He does epic toy hunts around the UK. Does he have the coolest job ever? We sat down to ask him more.

Firstly, welcome back to Wrestling Shop HQ, it has been a little while since we last saw you and it seems like you are busier than ever, what have you been up to since the last toy hunt here?

Daze: It’s crazy times on the Wrestling Daze YouTube channel with more WWE Mattel toy hunts & WWE live streams than ever before!!! The channel had approximately 50,000 subscribers at the start of the year and now we are in July, we are already over 85,000 subs. There’s a real community starting to grow there, that not only love WWE but WWE Mattel figures as well. It’s a really exciting time.

Let’s go back and ask what got you started in the YouTube universe and specifically specialising in WWE and WWE Figures?

Daze: Great question! I was watching the show but couldn’t share my thoughts with anyone as none of my friends or family were into the product. My girlfriend mentioned one day that I was regularly in a WRESTLING DAZE! Where I would think about what I’d witnessed. That’s what inspired the channel and channel name. Honestly the 2 years since have been a crazy wonderful blur!

honestly the Alundra Blaze Elite we got this year might be one of the most exciting releases ever

How many WWE figures do you have?

Daze: My collection started with the channel as I decided quite early that wrestling figures would be a big focus, even though I wasn’t a collector at the time I just loved what I saw Mattel creating.

Toy hunts are a big deal on the channel, they are my favourite videos and also provide quite a few surprises. As a result I’d say my WWE Mattel figure collection was now approaching 400 figures, not the biggest but super special to me.

What are you most looking forward from the Mattel WWE Figure line?

Daze: Flashbacks – I love the legends! it’s great getting current superstars especially first time to line but honestly the Alundra Blaze Elite Flashback we have coming out this year might be one of the most exciting releases ever. I saw her wrestle in Birmingham in the early 1990’s so that means a lot to me to now that I have her in figure form. (Bull Nakano next please!!)

Do chicks dig the beard?

Daze: Yes but not mine.

Wrestling Daze

How do you make an epic toy hunt video so epic? How do you know which ones will be the most popular to the WWE Universe?

Daze: Honestly just be yourself. I get super excited when I see new items & I think that enthusiasm really comes across in the videos. I try to have fun as well because why not, life’s too short!

Do you have a memorable moment from shooting a Toy Hunt you could share?

Daze: Yeah, both of the biggest toy hunts on the channel are shrouded in misery! Caught in the Roman Reigns is called that because the heavens opened!!! I’ve never been so drenched in all my life. It was actually embarrassing as I was trying to toy hunt whilst dripping everywhere. The other toy hunt was done in the snow and the car got stuck in the car park. That isn’t shown in the video, that’s a bit of exclusive info but honestly we were digging the car out for about half an hour!

What was it like at Wrestling Shop Live in November 2017 meeting the legions of followers that support you? There was a large number of fans that came to meet you.

Daze: Well I can’t even begin to thank Wrestling Shop for that, what an experience! The whole event was incredible and I heard that it was thousands and thousands of people that came along, I couldn’t tell you as I just remember being surrounded by loads of passionate wrestling figure fans & having the time of my life!!! To actually talk to the people that have shown me such incredible support was such a privilege. thank you Wrestling Shop (please do another one, I’ll 100% be there!!!)

How do you possibly keep up with everything? WWE shows, new, storylines, toy hunts and action figure releases? Surely there isn’t enough time in the day.

Daze: There isn’t and that’s why I need people’s support. I have a twitter account (@wrestlingdazeuk) & a facebook account that I check daily. People are constantly sending me pictures, info, opinions and more… I’d love to hear from more wrestling shop customers though.

We’ve seen at WWE live events and in public that people recognise you and ask for photos, what is that like?

Daze: Humbling, I love meeting people and hearing about their wrestling figure collections, favourite matches etc…. it still amazes me that they want to meet me and hear what I have to say.

What was it like seeing yourself on the WWE YouTube Channel and then on WWE SmackDown? 

Daze: Again weird!!! Ha Ha, the fact WWE have acknowledged that I even exist is a minor miracle but as the channel grows I begin to understand that the channel is less mine & more the wrestling figure communities. Honestly, when I live stream each week I swear people don’t even listen to what I say but chat amongst themselves! Ha Ha, I’m totally fine with that and honestly amazed at how the channel continues to evolve & grow.

How did it come about that suddenly you are on WWE’s video programming?

Daze: WWE have been watching me. Honestly, that sounds weird but in 2 years I have around 2000 videos on youtube. I think the publics response has been exceptional and that definetly played a part. As I mentioned earlier, this channel is less about me and more bout the community. WWE listens to the wrestling figure community.

Have you ever met any WWE Superstars or talent?

Daze: yes, a few but I’ll never forget meeting bill Miekina at wrestling shop live. he is the lead designer at mattel and is in my opinion as important as a lot of the wrestling talent wwe employ. if he wasn’t the genius he is then would all of us be collecting the figures like we do? Thankfully he is a genius and long may he continue to be the lead designer.

What’s next for Wrestling Daze?

Daze: I have no idea, I don’t really plan too far in advance, I love wrestling, I love wrestling figures and just urge anyone that hasn’t already to check us out to do so. There’s a real community that’s building, a movement, that I am totally not in charge of!

You can follow Wrestling Daze on Twitter and Facebook @wrestlingdazeuk. You can also follow his YouTube Channel.