What is a Chase WWE Figure?

We take a closer look at Chase WWE figures, what they mean why they are so difficult to find.

A chase figure by definition assumes the buyer will “chase” to find it. Most toy manufacturers that regularly release action figures consider this option in their strategy. The manufacturer hopes that it will create interest in customers returning to shops to find the chase figure to complete their collection.

From current manufacturers we deal with, both Mattel and Funko release chase figures in their core lines. The difference between the Mattel and Funko chase figures is how they are packed in the cases.

A chase WWE figure variant is usually a deco re-paint of the same mould. This could be a different attire / colour scheme from head to toe.

Funko release solid character boxes of 6 for single wrestlers to retailers. Out of the box of 6, one in every case will have a WWE chase figure variant, if it applies to that wrestler. Typically in a series, 2 or 3 could have chase variants.

Mattel currently release chase figures in their Basic and Elite Collection lines. Unlike Funko, they are not packed in every factory case, but it could be as many as 1/25 cases making them much harder to find. The exact amount of average cases they could be found can in theory vary and this is the average for Chase stock which arrives here at Wrestling Shop.

There appears to be no particular method in choosing from Mattel’s figures as to which should be the Chase figure, as they are not always the considered bestseller in the particular series.

Recent WWE Elite Chase figures included:

  • WWE Elite #63 Shelton Benjamin
  • WWE Elite #64 Curt Hawkins
  • WWE Elite #65 Aiden English
  • WWE Elite #66 Kevin Owens
  • WWE Elite #67 Jeff Hardy
  • WWE Elite #68 King Mabel
  • WWE Elite #69 Mustafa Ali

Recent WWE Basic Chase figures included:

  • WWE Basic #90 Roman Reigns
  • WWE Basic #91 Dean Ambrose
  • WWE Basic #92 Seth Rollins
  • WWE Basic #93 Macho Man
  • WWE Basic #94 Matt Hardy
  • WWE Basic #95 Sonya Deville
  • WWE Basic #96 Sami Zayn
  • WWE Basic #98 Tony Nese
  • WWE Basic #99 Ariya Daivari

Recent WWE Pop Vinyl Chase figures included:

  • WWE POP Finn Balor demon
  • WWE POP The Rock with shirt
  • WWE POP Scott Hall nWo
  • WWE POP Jake the Snake in blue
  • WWE POP Vince McMahon in pink
  • WWE POP Million Dollar Man White
  • WWE POP Iron Sheik Red
  • WWE POP Triple H King of Kings