The New Days Booty-O’s Cereal Packaging Design Concept

In early 2017, Mattel introduced a special 3-Pack Elite Collection set of The New Day inside their famed Booty-O’s Cereal box. 

The New Day introduced their Booty-O’s cereal for the first time in March 2016 at WWE Roadblock, a WWE Network pay-per-view. Various merchandise releases followed including a t-shirt box, action figures, lunchboxes and of course the actual cereal itself.

Before their match with The League of Nations at WrestleMania 32, The New Day emerged from an enormous box of “Booty-Os” cereal.

In a 2016, Kofi Kingston revealed that the Booty-Os concept came up by chance when after New Day had started taking off, WWE had suggested to the team to come up with a new idea for a t-shirt. The initial New Day t-shirt was just plain black with a phoenix, which symbolised rising from the ashes. This was not just designed and given to them to wear with no input from the team.

It was when Kofi, sitting alongside Big E at breakfast one morning were discussing ideas for the new t-shirt.

Kofi explains: Somebody had came out with a Wheaties poster with our faces on it and we were like ‘Oh, that would be kind of cool. Maybe we could have our own cereal or something like that’. Big E just out of nowhere comes up with “Booty-O’s” and instantly I was like ‘That’s it. We can have cartoon pictures of our faces on it.’ We get to the building and I’m trying to tell [Xavier] Woods about it and I was like ‘Woods, man, we were sitting at the table and E suggested “Booty-O’s” and before I could even get it out, Woods just said ‘Oh yeah. “Booty-O’s: You can make it booty.” Merchandise soon followed picturing the idea.

The Wheaties poster idea was likely a fan concept, although many sports celebrities have actually appeared on the cereal box. The only wrestler we have knowledge appearing on an Official Wheaties release was Stone Cold Steve Austin for WrestleMania XV during the height of the Attitude Era.

Mattel released their version of the box in early 2017, which springs open using velcro snaps in the corners to reveal three Elite Collection action figures. The figures display all three members of The New Day in their gold attire from WrestleMania 32.

The Mattel Booty-Os Mattel WWE collectors box set is available now at Wrestling Shop.