Snap into a Slim Jim! Ooh Yeah!!

Mattel have released the first WWE Action figure which was based on a commercial made with WWE Superstar Macho Man Randy Savage for Slim Jim.

The Limited Edition WWE Macho Man Slim Jim Elite Collection figure is available to purchase for attendees to the event in San Diego Comic Con in California from July 18, 2019. The figure features collector packaging and is based on Macho Man’s Slim Jim 1993-2000 USA commercials.

Each commercial would close with Savage in his trademark voice “Need a little excitement? Snap into a Slim Jim!”

When Mattel reached out to WWE and ConAgra Brands, which is Slim Jim’s parent company, both were on board from the get go to make it happen.

According to action figure designer Bill Miekina, ConAgra has the actual Macho Man jacket framed from the commercial in their offices, although it was not actually used in the design process as Mattel didn’t want to take it out of the frame. They based it instead from reference images provided by WWE.

Even the Slim Jim logo on the packaging is based on the retro-style from 1993 era, not the current logo.

Other wrestlers have actually performed Slim Jim commercials following Macho Man, including The Ultimate Warrior. This could now open up the possibility for a future comic-con themed Slim Jim figure.