Mattel to Reach Series #100 in the core series

For the first time ever a WWE Action figure licence holder will reach 100 assortments within one core line.

The WWE Basic series is around the £10/ $10 price point depending on various factors and doesn’t include any accessories and lower articulation compared with other lines. Specifically mass-retail demanded an action figure at this price point and to make the budget this is how the Basic/core series figures get to market.

We will refer to the line as the Basic series, which was printed on manufacturer boxes / invoices, however it is also known as core series.

Since Basic series 1 was released in 2010, shortly after Mattel took over the reigns as toy licence champ for WWE, there has been a monthly iteration of characters spanning new and legendary names. The amount of superstars in any particular line could vary from as much as 8 or 9 as a way to release more unique talent into the marketplace.

Since around 2017, Mattel have stuck to releasing 5 characters per series, which they say pushes sales through faster and clears the toy aisles at mass-retail so that the figures dont build up. Essentially meaning no new orders would get placed with so much product sitting.

Despite previous WWE toy manufacturer Jakks actually holding the licence longer over the same period (1996-2009), the next closest streak of series would be the Jakks Ruthless Aggression series which only started from 2002/3 and managed to get up to series 44.

Even though Jakks Pacific released 44 assortments from their Ruthless Aggression line, there are some key differences between them and Mattel’s WWE core series, also known as Basic series, including that many of the RA figures were actually re-releases, compared to most Mattel basic figures which are unique.

WWE Action figure master toy licence holders:
Below are the years the licences were held for.

Jakks Pacific1996-09

WWE Basic series 1 – 2010

When Mattel introduced their version of Ruthless Aggression, essentially the same price-point item, the key difference was that the WWE Superstars would be in scale to their actual height. Jakks previously could have the smallest wrestlers in a similar height to some of the biggest wrestlers.

From 2018, Mattel introduced True FX face scanning technology, a higher level of detail in the faces, which would cover the entire core line as well as higher priced Elite collection series.

WWE Basic series 100 features 5 legendary Superstars in collector packaging. Images displayed are prototype models which are not the final product.

  • John Cena
  • Undertaker
  • The Rock
  • Stone Cold
  • Shawn Michaels

The John Cena figure will be the first Mattel figure to wear the 8-bit t-shirt. The story behind this particular version is that when Mattel took over the licence, John Cena was wearing the t-shirt in this period shortly before or after, but was never actually produced.

Series 100 is due for release Summer 2019 and can be purchased via Wrestling Shop.