A new range entitled Sound Slammers with a Destuction Zone set are on the way  as part of a refresh to replace the popular WWE Tough Talkers interactive series.

Sound Slammers is more of a refreshed improvement on Tough Talkers with a name change, rather than an entire new line. The first information we got sent on these had the line named listed as Combo Crushers, however this has since been updated to Sound Slammers on all packaging.

The main difference between WWE Tough Talkers and New Sound Slammers is that the sound button has been moved to the waist area in a small sized belt buckle. Previous Tough Talkers featured a large oval shape on the chest area which meant they were noticeably wider in the chest. It also limited the design aesthetic as an oval shape would appear over the wrestlers signature attire obstructing the view somewhat.

John Cena WWE Sound Slammer

Talking wrestling figures are more targeted at the younger demographic and are both smart and fun. With Sound Slammers kids can now have over 20 signature sounds at their disposal vs around 8 with Tough Talkers. Additionally the chest is slightly narrower and more authentic. Sounds include crowd chants “This is Awesome” and can signal for the initial “Bell ring” once you shake the given wrestler. From then on, its a showdown with taunts and phrases from actual WWE Superstar voices.

WWE Sound Slammers

Series 1 contains five popular current WWE Superstars: John Cena, Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Following that, series 2 due later in 2018 will include: AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Finn Balor, The Miz and Kurt Angle. All will include signature sounds and phrases.

WWE Sound Slammer / Tough Talkers side by side

Packaging between Sound Slammers and Tough Talkers is remarkably similar so customers will instantly recognise them, with a 3D appearance with no boxed in blister package. This is the only WWE packaging where you can actually feel the WWE figures as opposed to the blister packaging which guards the figure in other assortments.

Get ready for an all-out brawl with WWE Sound Slammer figures! The action starts by rotating the arm on the figure and moving it to activate punching sound effects. Then rotate the leg and move figure to activate kicking sounds. Wow—now go for the one, two, Sound Slammers punch and kick! Each figure features signature moves and phrases. From the manufacturer

WWE Destruction Zone ring with figures

WWE Destruction Zone ring for Sound Slammers

Our first impression of The Destruction Zone ring was that it is notably similar in some ways to two other key line Mattel WWE play sets: the Tough Talker Championship Takedown ring and the Crash Cage ring. In some ways it uses elements of both in its own unique style.

Included in the box: A ladder accessory, cage accessory, ring playset, forklift on wheels, championship belt and a corner holding crane accessory to hold the belt which connects to one corner of the ring. It should be noted that x3 AA batteries are required for this product and are not included.

Once you’ve got it all setup you can begin connecting your Sound Slammers to your Destruction Zone ring, it will pick up sounds as you move the ring and figures in different ways including crowd chants and other interactive sounds when you bounce off the ropes.

The WWE Destruction Zone ring play set we understand is positioned for an actual match on WWE television. If you remember, Mattel introduced a WWE Crash Cage Ring play set which actually came out before it appeared on NXT. It was known to us that this was also due for an event match before it was released. Given the amount of time needed to create the ring, both sides would have planned out the details well in advance.

Sound Slammers and the Destruction Zone ring playset will be available soon at Wrestling Shop. Stay tuned for more information.