Buckle up with this WWE Wrekkin Slam Mobile takes action out of the ring with this break-a-part vehicle featuring Braun Strowman figure.

WWE Wrekkin’ figures by Mattel are new for 2019. We managed to get our hands on and early version last July which at the time featured Brock Lesnar. We later got the final version with Braun Strowman which has an updated t-shirt reading “Get These Hands”.

WWE Wrekkin Slam Mobile Car - Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman is used to smashing things up on WWE television, but with this play set you can bring home the action again and again by rebuilding the 9 parts of the car. You can even tear out the steering wheel!

WWE Wrekkin Slam Mobile breakable car
10 pieces from breakable car playset.

Rev up the crash and bash action by launching figures on or at the vehicle and watch the parts fly! The WWE Wrekkin Car is approximately 13 inches long and can fit two 6-inch WWE figures in the seats. The back trunk opens and can also store WWE accessories.

WWE Wrekkin will expand in 2019 with a line-up of figures which include 6 WWE Superstars in the first assortment. Each will include one of three distinct action moves: slamming, punching or kicking. Each figure comes with a “wrekk-able” accessory like a ladder, table and more. Moves are activated by a pull-back motion and figures also feature a “lock tight grip” that allows figures to grasp the accessory and hold it tight. Accessories are designed for easy re-assembly so kids can play out the wrekkin’ action again and again. Features “Try Me” packaging.

WWE Wrekkin Figures assortment

WWE Wrekkin Slam Mobile car

The WWE Wrekkin Slam mobile Playsetis now available at Wrestling Shop.

On the March 11, 2019 RAW, many months after being released, WWE and Mattel promoted the scene in a segment on the show.