First released in 2017, the Money in the Bank Briefcase offers a unique way to either display or transport your WWE figures and accessories.

WWE television and pay-per-view event themed props are often released either with action figures themselves, or somehow incorporated into the packaging theme.

The Money in the Bank briefcase from Mattel, fits in with their role-play themed items including toy belts, microphones and other interactive items.

Collector’s will remember Money in the Bank briefcases were released as “chaser” figures in 2017 and some other selected figures also released the item in the packaging where the wrestler may have won the MITB ladder match.

Other versions of MITB merchandise include an actual size replica and even a lunchbox released in various colours associated with with the event over the years.

This case from Mattel is a smaller scale to the original size. It is designed specifically so it can fit up to 8 action figures with extra accessories.

We decided to choose our perfect 8 wrestlers to travel with and threw in some accessories to fill it up, just in case we met any challengers on route to cashing in our briefcase.

Our 8, although a tough choice, included all Elite figures: Undertaker from Royal Rumble 1996, Cactus Jack, Dolph Ziggler, Boogeyman, Roman Reigns, Ultimate Warrior, Yokozuna Hall of Fame series and Bobby Roode NXT Takeover series.

As you can see it was a wide selection choice. It was based mainly on our favourites to hand at time of writing the article.

Small compartments above and below the wrestlers had more than enough room for several belts, display stands and of course a fire extinguisher. One other thing which as pictured behind Cactus Jack is an Elite diorama could also squeeze in to make it easier for us to remember where to put them back in!

Another cool idea you could use the briefcase for, is pitting your favourite team on one side against another on the other side. Either a 4 vs 4 Survivor Series elimination, or less with 3 on 3, using the extra space to cram in more accessories and upgrading your contest to a Hardcore match!

Of course the choice is up to you! You can mix and match any selection of figures and accessories adding to the excitement.

The Money in the Bank carry briefcase is currently only available in gold with green.