The Complete History of WWE Entrance Greats

From 2010-2019, Mattel have introduced 14 WWE Entrance Greats Figures featuring current and legendary WWE Superstars from both specific events and eras.

WWE Entrance Greats are an action figure series from Mattel which include entrance display stands that play the selected WWE Superstars entrance theme music, each in collector packaging and with the ability to preview the entrance music with a try-me button.

Entrance Greats debuted when Mattel took over the master WWE action figure licence in 2010. They initially came out as Basic articulation until 2017, with three wrestlers per assortment for the first two series and then two wrestlers for the third series. The first eight all came out within the first 18 months of Mattel making WWE action figures.

The earlier series especially are very rare and sought after by WWE action figure collectors due to the length in time since their release.

Here we will take a brief look at each of the Entrance Greats figures, listing the first three sets as series, due to them arriving in an assortment together. Later they would be packed four separately per year.

Series 1 – Triple H WWE Entrance Greats

Triple H - WrestleMania 22

In 2006, Triple H challenged John Cena for the WWE Championship in the main event of WrestleMania 22. In his entrance he dressed as Conan the Barbarian. Mattel would later release other Triple H WrestleMania entrance figures as part of their Elite Collection line.

Series 1 – Rey Mysterio WWE Entrance Greats

Rey Mysterio - WrestleMania 22


As Rey Mysterio entered to a live entrance music with P.O.D, he wore an Aztec headdress as part of his entrance gear. Rey Mysterio went on to win the World heavyweight Championship in a triple-threat match.

Series 1 – Shawn Michaels WWE Entrance Greats

Shawn Michaels - WrestleMania 12


From WrestleMania XXII, Shawn Michaels’ infamous entrance from the rafters before his Iron Man match beating Bret Hart. This Entrance Great includes removable gear.

Series 2 – Rowdy Roddy Piper WWE Entrance Greats

Rowdy Roddy Piper was one of only two Entrance Greats which was not from any specific event. Perhaps because he wore this attire for most of his career. As the reverse packaging suggests: “Relive one of Rowdy Roddy Pipers famous entrances with this highly detailed figure and base featuring his theme song, ‘Hot Rod’, and his iconic ‘Hot Rod’ t-shirt, kilt, belt and signature bagpipes.”

Series 2 – Million Dollar Man WWE Entrance Greats

Million Dollar Man Entrance Greats is the second to not be from any particular event. It is the first to be released with a WWE Championship belt accessory. The only other Entrance Great to feature a title belt will be Goldberg in 2019. Million Dollar Man comes with his trademark removable black and gold suit which is made of cloth. The back of the suit jacket also features the $ Dollar symbol.

Series 2 – Chris Jericho WWE Entrance Greats

When Chris Jericho interrupted The Rock on the August 9, 1999 edition of Monday Night Raw, the WWE Universe immediately embraced him. This WWE Entrance Great focuses on this moment complete with entrance jacket and microphone.


Series 3 – The Rock WWE Entrance Greats

The Rock - Royal Rumble 1999

Based from Royal Rumble 1999, The Rock defeated Mankind for the WWE Championship in an I Quit match. This match is notable not just for the title change, but for the brutality of the match itself.

Mankind vs The Rock – I Quit Match, Royal Rumble 1999

Series 3 – Undertaker WWE Entrance Greats

The Undertaker, who made his WWE Pay-per-view debut at Survivor Series 1990, accompanied by Brother Love. This iconic entrance featured the “Deadman” in all his glory with a huge grey striped tie, trench coat with black hat and gloves. Debut Undertaker also featured grey detail over his boots which was later in his career updated for some events to purple with a purple tie.

After the third series, Mattel removed the Entrance music box and repackaged the Entrance Greats as “Defining Moments” from 2012-2017. Essentially the same concept in celebrating an iconic point in time from a specific WWE Superstars match.

At San Diego Comic Con 2017, Mattel revealed they would be bringing back Entrance Greats. This time enhancing the line with Elite articulation to add value and updating the packaging to a larger box. Instead of releasing several at once in a series, they would go with the release pattern used for Defining Moments which was four per year, so one every quarter.

2018 releases:

Kurt Angle WWE Entrance Greats – Survivor Series 1999

To capitalise on the first time to line for Kurt Angle within Mattel’s WWE figures, they used this as the first opportunity to get Kurt Angle Entrance Greats. Based from his debut at Survivor Series 1999, it includes his Olympic Gold medals and in-ring attire from the match.

Jeff Hardy WWE Entrance Greats

Based from Armageddon 2008, the Jeff Hardy Entrance Greats is most notable as it was originally planned for Elite Series 1 in 2010. Due to Jeff Hardy being released from WWE at the time, the figure was never released. Eight years later the figure was finally released when Jeff Hardy returned to WWE, this time repackaged in the Entrance Greats line. The t-shirt included was not actually worn during his entrance at Armageddon 2008, but this  accessory was added in for value.

Bobby Roode WWE Entrance Greats

The first NXT based Entrance Greats was Bobby Roode, which features his “Glorious” theme music. This is based from NXT Takeover Orlando where Bobby Roode defended his NXT Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura. This event is also where the updated 2017 version NXT Championship belt was first revealed. It should be noted that there is no action figure belt included with this figure, another Elite Bobby Roode from the NXT Takeover series does include the current NXT Championship.

Finn Balor – WWE Entrance Greats

Based from TLC 2017 vs. AJ Styles, the fourth Entrance Greats of 2018 was Finn Balor. The original fourth Entrance Greats from the start of the year was Asuka, however it is not uncommon for releases to change in every line-up.

Finn Balor WWE TLC 2017 Entrance

2019 releases:

Goldberg WWE Entrance Greats

The Goldberg Entrance Greats figure, is the first stand-alone Mattel figure in the 7-inch scale. The only previous version was only possible when you purchased the Main Event RAW Real Scale Ring set. This Goldberg Entrance Greats includes the WCW World heavyweight championship from when he won the title from Hollywood Hogan on the July 6, 1998 Monday Nitro. It was his only World Heavyweight title reign in WCW and lasted 174 days

Elias WWE Entrance Greats – with Guitar

Elias marks the final release due on or before mid-2019. It will include a segment of music and/or speech from Elias. More details to follow.

The Entrance Greats line from mid-2019 will again cease. This time instead of Defining Moments returning, a whole new series entitled “Ultimate Edition”, which is set to be revealed in November 2018, will be replacing both Entrance Greats and Defining Moments.

WWE Entrance Greats which are in stock or coming soon are available here.