Bret Hart WWE Ultimate Edition (King of the Ring 1994)

The second series of WWE Ultimate Edition, features Bret Hart. Complete with removable entrance jacket, interchangeable heads and hands.

At King of the Ring 1994, WWE Champion Bret Hitman Hart defended his championship against Intercontinental champion Diesel. The match ended after Jim the Anvil Neidhart interfered awarding Diesel the victory via disqualification, meaning the WWE Championship didn’t change hands.

The King of the Ring had been used in some formats since around 1985, however WWE only started using the name as a stand-alone name for its Pay-Per-Views since 1993, in which Bret Hart actually won.

The event took place days after the infamous OJ Simpson car chase, which WWE did not even pay attention to on this show. It’s notable they would later decide to do a parody a few years later at WrestleMania 12 with Rowdy Roddy Piper and Goldust.

The WWE Championship match itself was only with Bret’s WWE Championship on the line. Diesel was accompanied by Shawn Michaels, while Bret Hart had Jim the Anvil Neidhart in his corner to even up the odds.

The match would end when Bret Hart got disqualified due to Neidhart which cost him the match but the title doesn’t change hands by disqualification.

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