Due for release from October, we got our hands ahead of time on the upcoming WWE Promo Battle Microphone from Mattel and see what it really takes to become main-event material.

Previous microphones released have included match sounds and crowd cheers, notably the most recent from Jakks Pacific which is still on the market, a WWE Sound FX Microphone. So what sets this apart exactly?

The price of this new WWE Promo Battle Mic from Mattel is around £10 higher than the Jakks version, at £25 RRP, but with that you get a much more interactive experience.

For starters, this WWE Promo Battle Microphone features actual voices from six WWE Superstars including The Rock, The Miz, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and John Cena. Each are clear and distinct as the actual Superstars. They included around four phrases each.

Mattel have categorised their interactive talking products under a “WWE Live Action” banner, including a WWE Universal Motion-Activated Championship belt, which lets you simulate an actual match. You have a chance to “kick out” during the count (stand up after a 2-count) to let the action continue. Also, when the championship is placed on its face, it can count and announce a winner to simulate a WWE Superstar performing a “pin” to win the match.

The WWE Promo Battle Microphone continues with the same interactivity which is part of WWE.

WWE Promo Microphone features 6 WWE Superstars iconic phrases

Other than this prop being worthy in any WWE collection, there are two main options which fans will use this for. First you can Smack Talk with a friend and second you can test your promo skills with one of the selected WWE Superstars by selecting the Superstar you want to call out! We actually liked this additionally as a display piece among the action figure collection.

The more you smack talk the mic, you’re gonna build that crowd meter up. As it goes up, you’re gonna get fun chants, cheers and possibly a “this is awesome”. On the other hand, if you are running out of words and you’re loosing you’re mic skills, the power meter goes down and you might get some “boos”.From the manufacturer

The microphone works out of the box but the instructions note that the batteries included are for demonstration purposes only and that 3 new AAA batteries should be installed.

There are 3 buttons, a light meter and an on/off switch.

The top button of the three, labelled as (A) in the instructions allows you to select a Superstar to battle. The choices are The Rock, Seth Rollins, The Miz, Kevin Owens, John Cena and Dean Ambrose.

When Dean Ambrose was chosen and we called him out selecting the second button (B), he uttered back “Welcome to the Ambrose Asylum” and that he was the “real rightful heavyweight champion”. He continued “I couldn’t help but hear your little story, prepare for Dirty Deeds!”

At this point we ended the battle selecting the third button (C) with some advice to “Get backstage and practice, better luck next time!” (Crowd boos). We will be back Ambrose!

Other chants possible are “This is awesome” with crowd cheers and a disheartening “Boring” chant. We are yet to test out the other 5 Superstars included, as mentioned the actual voices were very clear from the WWE Superstars.

Superstar tip: The WWE Universe will reach better to loud Smack Talk battles. The light on the front face of the microphone lights up brighter based on volume.

Additionally you can activate the microphone without Superstar voices by to battle back-and-forth with a friend. There are six crowd responses based on your promo skills.

The WWE Promo Battle Microphone is available soon at Wrestling Shop.