This weekend at San Diego Comic Con, Mattel are firing out some of their future WWE Figures, spanning their new reveals over several days.

We are taking a closer look at our TOP 5 stand-out WWE Figures which have been revealed so far by Mattel at #SDCC 2018.

5Sting WWE Elite Collection Series #62

This Sting Elite Series 62 figure, replaces Enzo who was the sixth character to originally be included in the series. It’s an amazing replacement! We think its one of the best Sting’s produced. This 1990’s Sting in volt-green includes the WCW World Heavyweight Championship and entrance gear.

4Goldberg WWE Entrance Greats Figure

Goldberg in the 6-inch scale has only previously been included as a WWE-era version and you had to purchase the RAW Main Event ring to get it. This was more than a year ago and another Goldberg is long-awaited. This WCW-era¬†Goldberg WWE Entrance Greats version for the first time captures him in his peak, during the undefeated streak and comes complete with Entrance music “Invasion” and WCW World Heavyweight Championship. This is the penultimate WWE Entrance Greats figure and makes for an iconic sound stage figure worthy in any collection.

3Undisputed Era – WWE Epic Moments

Celebrating the unstoppable faction that’s defining a new era in NXT – Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly make their debut in the Mattel WWE line in this Undisputed Era Epic Moments Elite Collection 3-pack. All three include Undisputed Era entrance t-shirts and feature the all-new True FX scanning technology for enhanced realism. WWE Epic Moments feature unique packaging for every release and this being first time in the line with super popular characters, all in one set, means its sure to be a big success BAY-BAY!

2Dude Love WWE Elite Collection #62

The Three Faces of Foley could not be completed without Dude Love. Previous release of Mick Foley along with Cactus Jack and Mankind were very well received. This Dude Love we understand was a long time in the making and there were many delays in releasing this particular figure as it was scheduled for another line. Now it is in the core Elite line, which means there’s more opportunity to pick this up! Now for the first time in the Mattel WWE line collectors can get this 1998 era Dude Love as an Elite figure. One ear is actually shorter than the other for added realism!

1WWE Retro Series 7 & 8

The Mattel Retro Series continues to grow strong with Series 7 & 8 both revealed and displayed in full. Both sets include first-time Retros and are sure to be extremely popular.
Series 7 includes Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho and Sheamus. Series 8 includes Braun Strowman, Zack Ryder, Iron Sheik and Jeff Hardy. For series 8 images see here.