We recently paid a visit to Tokyo and while there managed to check out some of the Japanese wrestling figures out here in the Land of the rising Sun.

Editor’s note: Before we get into our figure-findings, we wanted to note that Japan is probably the most respectful country one can ever visit. You would be hard-pressed to find a anything negative to say about Japanese culture and attitudes, it was a rare treat to visit such a place.

We had one week to explore Japan. Not much time is it? But we managed to pack in quite a lot all things considered including Tokyo and Kyoto.

While in the city of Tokyo, there was an abundance of never ending shops it seemed like, with products stacked as high as the eye can see. Retail space is certainly not wasted.

One of the more interesting toy locations actually happened to be in an electronics store, named Yobodashi-Akiba, located in Akihabara.

Yodobash-Akiba electronics and toy shop, Tokyo

Akihabara district featured many toy related shops worth checking out. Yobodashi-Akiba, a super sized electronics shop had everything you could imagine under the sun. We picked up a camera here (which is actually being used for this blog) and then headed all the way to the top floor.

The top floor is full of toys, possibly the biggest toy selection known to mankind (not Mick Foley). This being Japan, it’s more favoured towards Japanese brands including Bandai and Tamashii Nations super articulated figures. There were a selection of American branded Mattel dolls here, but the majority was Japanese, but we didn’t mind this, after all we had just arrived in Japan.

Tiger Mask SH Figuarts

Tokyo Dome

The trip wasn’t complete without a trip to the infamous Tokyo Dome, home of many New Japan Pro Wrestling events. The venue and surrounding restaurants was the most westernised in all of Tokyo that we saw, which makes sense with international events and visitors coming to the Tokyo Dome.

Other venues we would have liked to have visited include Korakuen Hall and Nippon Budokan, both which also host NJPW events, but time was limited on this occasion.

Walking distance from the Tokyo Dome we found the NJPW store, also known as Tokon Shop Suidobashi. The shop is located in the centre of a junction where six roads meet. It’s easy enough to spot it with the giant New Japan logo on the corner.

Once inside a short walk upstairs and you are presented with a signature wall from wrestlers who have passed through, along with a reasonable selection of NJPW t-shirts and related merchandise.

We have featured SH Figuarts action figures from Bandai in this article. We will plan on adding Tiger Mask as pictured to the selection in the shop soon.

WWE Belts


  1. I recently visited Japan too (Tokyo and Kyoto).we went on a wrestler hunt (after promising 4 yo! ) but to no avail. We tried one shop in Akhibara but they didn’t stock any. They tried to help but unfortunately we had no luck.. So I’m surprised (and gutted) that you found some!