Mattel Answer Fan Questions at San Diego Comic Con

As Comic-con wrapped up, Mattel started a live video with a Q&A for fans, inviting people to submit any questions and they would get to as many as they could.

Mattel had used the event to reveal a plethora of new items across their WWE lines for 2018/9. Below is a transcript of the video Q&A held with Steve Ozer and Rob Rudman.

Mattel and WWE Superstars involved with SDCC 2018.

Onto the questions…

Any more WWE figure reveals today?
No more figure reveals today but Ill show you something here, we’ve got a little  tease here, an accessory. (Shows a Retro blonde wig hair piece accessory).

Are there more Johnny Gargano’s coming out?
A new Johnny Gargano is coming in Hall of Champions, which should be hitting any time now. I wish there were more Gargano’s, keep your eyes peeled.

Where is Bill (Miekina)?
Bill is not here right now, but I think he might be sweating somewhere.

When are your Elite’s coming?
Our Elite’s? We don’t have any of us coming out, maybe we can be made as referees. (Laughs).

Is an RVD planned?
If RVD ever gets signed to a legends deal we would love to do Rob Van Dam.

Another question asking about reveals as people join the live video.
No more reveals today, but I just showed the Goldust wig accessory that will come with him. There is also another Retro coming 2019 which will also include an accessory as well, so we’re listening to you guys.

How about a Mantar Elite?
The same as above answer as RVD, if they sign him we will try to get a figure out.

Question comes in asking for pair doing the Q&A for their dream Elites.
Pete Dunne which was just announced and Sessasional Sherri was also noted and more legends.

Is there a Viscera / Big Daddy V planned?
Well we have the rights (King Mabel was earlier announced in the line at this event). If we can find a space for him. It’s possible.

NXT TakeOver Line, is it going to be just Elites now and not Basics?
It looks like only Elite’s for the foreseeable future yes.

Are we going to get a new Alexa with long curly hair and a new Maryse WrestleMania 33?
Stay tuned for that. Especially with both more featured on WWE television we’ll try and get more of the women’s division out.

Can we get Brother Love?
Oh man, that would be fantastic. Same thing, if we can get the rights to him as a figure we would love to. We’re keeping our fingers crossed and see what happens.

What happened to the Fan Central line?
Okay so Fan Central does have a new home, we can’t say where just yet but we will announce this very very shortly.

Will we get a Kenny Omega?
If we get figure rights. Obviously he’s not with the company but we’re big fans of Kenny.

Are we getting a Bill Referee figure?
This was an anniversary gift to Bill, to feature him on the poster, so he could sign the poster, there isn’t a Bill referee figure coming out.

Could we get Avalanche or Golga?
As long as we have the rights anything is possible.

When is the Ultimate Deletion Epic Moments coming out?
June 2019.

When we will see Heartbreak Hotel set Flashback series?
It’s hitting now, so they should be available very shortly.

Can we see double jointed elbows in the future?
Stay tuned. Stay tuned.

Will we see a GLOW Series?
That’s a larger question. I guess stay tuned. We’ll see.

Cathy Kelley wears her Elite Squad Jacket during a live panel presentation.

How about the WWE Elite Squad Jackets you are wearing? (many questions)
We know you guys want the jackets. Yeah. We’re talking about it so hang tight and t-shirts also.

Any chance that we can get Haku?
Same as any other unannounced talent, we are going to try and get them out. Haku is towards the top of our wish list.

Will there be more Ring Playsets coming?
We are always working on play set ideas. So we will get that information to you as soon as possible.

Does the Asuka Elite coming out for WretleMania 35 have a plastic robe?
No, its soft goods. This is not a WrestleMania Axxess exclusive, but its first to market at Axxess, then it will be available at retail.

What is your Favourite WWE Elite revealed at SDCC?
Ruby Riott, but theres way to many to pick a favourite. Another was the new Stinger from Elite Seies 62. The Dude Love was also noted from Series 62.

Can you elaborate on the WWE Entrance Greats ending?
Well, a lot of you voiced concern that it was basically an Elite with the music stand, so we wanted to give you more value for that and we can now use the money for that for something else which will be Ultimate Edition. We feel the Ultimate Edition offers more value than the 30 seconds stand that Entrance Greats offers, which is fun, but we feel like you can get a lot more.

Are more legends planned?
Of course, we are life long fans so as soon as we can fit them in the line.

Will we see more Goldberg figures?
More to come yes. Different eras and versions going from WCW and WWE, so we will get more in for sure.

How about Ring skirts for WWE Main Event rings?
None yet, but we are talking about it.

Any other Jeff Hardy in the plans?
Jeff is going to keep coming, as many eras of course. No need to worry with the Hardys.

Will we get Rick The Model Martel? (Many questions)
If we get the rights back to make Rick Martel we will do Rick Martel.

Do masked wrestlers own the rights to their masks?
It’s a case by case basis. WWE own the rights to Doink for example so not with that one, it depends on the wrestler.

How far in advance to you plan?
We’re planning 2020 now, there’s wiggle room so we can make adjustments based on content, but there is wiggle room to fit someone in just in case someone gets really hot to try and fit them in.

Will we see The Iconics?
They’re on TV now. There is even more of an opportunity to try and find space in the line.

Any chance we can get a Torrie Wilson figure?
If we can get the rights to Torrie we would love to do a Torrie Wilson figure.

When is the Undisputed Era Epic Moments 3-pack coming out?
Late 2018 or early 2019. The packaging looks incredible. We’re really excited about it.

Any chance for Dustin Runnels? (Several questions)
There’s a chance. Goldust is under rights.

Can we get a WrestleMania 14 Undertaker?
We will try to get that out.

Is Vader still under a deal so he can be released?
Yes, we are trying to get another out. We are talking about the different looks of Vader we can do. We are all broken hearted about what happened with Vader. Maybe the greatest big man of all time.

Will we get a Red Rooster?
He has a home. We will announce more details soon. Just think about Isaac yankem and Virgil and maybe you can connect the dots in the mean time.

Could we see an Entrance Stage set?
We are actively working on figuring a way to get this out to you. This comes up often in meetings. We are still working on that. Hang tight.

Will we get Multiple heads on figures going forward?
Hey, well we just saw it with the Pat Patterson and Nia Jax Elites that were just revealed. We’ve got some surprises up our sleeves in store that you guys are going to really enjoy.

Can you give more info on the Basics situation?
We kept them (Basics) at the same price point and the aritucualtion went down. We are aware of some concerns about the Basics and we have got your back on it don’t worry we are working on this.

How about a Muta figure?
They have to sign him first. We had the chance to see and meet Muta a few months ago in LA. We would love a Muta in the line.

Can we get more information on the Ultimate Edition series?
No further news. We just wanted to get it out first. We are asking people what they think its going to be.

Anymore Undertaker figures planned?
We always try to get more Undertaker out, so yes.

Any plans for a Vader Retro figure?
That would be super-rad, super-rad, hang tight maybe we will be able to make that happen.

A lot of Rick Martel requests.
We are trying. We have to get him under a deal first.

Could Asuka be in the Ultimate Edition line?
Asuka is not part of the Ultimate Editon line. Asuka is coming out in the Elite and with the amount of accessories she is coming out with will kind of give you a flavour of what we are trying to deliver with the Ultimates.

How about Greg Valentine, can we see him released?
Not available to us at the moment. At the very least with his classic robe and maybe even rhythm and blues style. We would love to have the figure rights for him

Others asked: Dynamite Kid, not available. Hercules, not available. But Davey Boy is available.

Will we see Billy Graham?
Trying, he is available to us.

Any plans for a Ricochet WWE figure?
Yes. As soon as we can, we will try to get him in the line.

Can we get a Ninth Wonder of the World, Chyna?
Same thing as before, not under a deal. She’s an icon of the industry, would love to get a Chyna figure into the line.

Will the Bob Backlund Elite come with accessories?
I believe we are still finalising that, but it will come with accessories. Its not just the additional hands.

Will we get more Jinder Mahal figures other than the Main Event ring set?
Yes, he has had a lot of different looks. Trust us, it’s not just going to be available with the Main Event ring, he will have figures out there.

Any chance of getting ECW Flashbacks?
Yes I believe we have some ECW characters lined up.

We didn’t see the Shane McMahon with the rest from Elite 62, why is that?
We are working on some deco tweaks. It’s going to be a Hell in a cell Shane O Mac.

Is there going to be an NXT Main Event Elite Scale ring?
It’s been discussed. Yeah, maybe soon it could happen.

Lex Luger Retro figure?
That would be pretty rad.

Could we get a Montreal screw-job Epic Monents?
Not planned yet, but its a great idea.

Can we get a Hell in a Cell or an Elimination Chamber play set?
These are possible yes.

Any chance of AJ Styles in ring gear from another company?
We can’t do it unfortunately.

Any Edge Elites planned?
The latest Edge we have in SummerSlam 2018 assortment which is his debut attire. More could follow down the line yes.

How about Trish Stratus?
More Trish to come. For me she is the top women’s performer of all time.

What are going to be the next New Day attire for their figures?
We just showed the USA flag ice cream themed Elite versions.

Can we get a Royal Rumble Shawn Michaels?
Great idea we would love to, give us some time.

Will we see Referee figures?
We absolutely want to do referee figures. We talk about this multiple times a week. Unfortunately, they (WWE) don’t sign referees to merchandise deals so we are trying to figure it out.

What line with King Mabel be released in?
The regular Elite line.

Tell us Something exciting about the Retros?
More coming. Legends are coming. Main roster. There’s talk of trying to add women in the line somehow. There’s a nice future for Retros at the moment.

Can we get a UK Exclusive at Wrestling Shop?
Wrestling Shop, awesome awesome site in the UK, if you’re in the UK, check them out. We would love to work with them even more in the future.

Will Epic moments be at retail stores?
Probably online only for those ones.

It is noted that any questions about current talent that were not announced doesnt mean they are not coming. It could be we are still working on them.

Any Legion of Doom planned?
Not available to us. Personally, huge fan of the Legion of Doom. Give us some time to see how that pans out.

Oh man that would amazing.

Can we see more WCW Belts?
If we get rights to certain belts we will try to make it happen.


The feed at this time got interrupted by loud speaker, but we got more than enough very interesting questions and answers.