Talking WWE Retro Jackets with Chalk Line Apparel

In this article we take a closer look at the WWE Retro jackets, a throwback from the 1990s WWF Jackets made for Titan Sports.

The WWE Retro Jackets are manufactured by Chalk-Line, based in New Jersey and we recently caught up with them about the Retro line.

How did the Chalk-line name come about?
The founder of Chalk Line was Peter Chalk, it is also rumoured that the company is a play on words from the chalk lines in which appear on a football field.

Can you talk about when you first started with WWE Retro jackets? which were the first WWE jackets produced and which Superstars? Do you have any image? Chalk Line Apparel were both a supplier to WWF which was the Titan Sports division in the 90’s as well as Chalk Line being a licensee in the 90’s. Chalk Line produced WWF jackets for Titan Sports, such as Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan. The main jackets that that Chalk Line developed under the WWF license were Undertaker, Macho Man, and another version of the previously released Hulk Hogan Jacket.

We’ve seen some very exciting WWE Retro Jackets which appear based from the Attitude era including the SummerSlam 97 and WrestleMania 13 jackets as well as the nWo WCW jacket. Are there any upcoming PPV themed jackets planned?
At the moment we are working on focusing on some Wrestlers that we are yet to focus on, we believe we have our most exciting program yet which we plan on introducing to the market around Summer Slam 2018. At this stage there are no immediate new PPV jackets planned.

Is there any possibility of and ECW Retro jacket with barbed wire?
We are working on a WCW concept however we have not tackled the ECW as of yet.

Do you think if/when Hulk Hogan returns, that a Hulkster retro jacket could be on the horizon?
Absolutely, this is a weekly request from many fans, if and when, we will certainly be prepared.

Are there any chances previous sold out version could reappear for anyone who missed out?
Yes, one of our most successful jackets from last year was the Hardy Boyz jacket, we are re-introducing this jacket in time for SummerSlam 2018. We also had a very successful campaign with our shorts this past season and we are also looking to restock certain short styles.

Chalk-Line WWE Elite Squad Mattel Jacket
Mattel commissioned their very own Jacket for their WWE Elite figures promotion

Where does the inspiration come from with these Retro jackets?
Collectively we spend a ton of time researching the vintage market and studying historical brands and licensed apparel from the 90s. This is a large component of the inspiration.

Is there anything new or upcoming he can share that will be coming soon? A sneak-peak?
At the moment we are taking a bit more of a sophisticated look for our 2018 Fall/Winter campaign where we are going to be taking inspiration from iconic wrestlers entrance attire and transforming/blending this into a jacket.


So stay tuned Retro fans! See the current WWE Retro Jackets selection available.