An Evening with Rey Mysterio – featured a meet and greet with an on-stage career talk in London and Manchester.

It was in July of 2015 where we met Rey Mysterio for the first time at a Comic-Con we were selling at. We had been selling his WWE action figures and masks since 2002 and Rey was a bestseller in this entire early period along with John Cena. His many colourful masks and unique ring attires were just one of the attributes fans love about Rey Mysterio.

Rey is one of the best in-ring wrestlers of all time. He has won the Royal Rumble and the World Heavyweight Championship in an era where so called “small-guys” were not supposed to be on top.

It was such a pleasant meeting and unique opportunity that we invited him over later that year to participate in a first-ever “Evening with Rey Mysterio” event, where he could talk about his career in a theatre packed in with fans and meet them signing merchandise.

Pictured: Alex Shane, Rey Mysterio and Steve Lynsky
Rey Mysterio inside London’s Piccadilly Theatre

There were two dates booked in, October 26 in London and October 28 in Manchester. During the week we did a media tour with our selected media partners.

There was a table setup with hand-made Rey Mysterio masks on display alongside the spinner WWE Championship which Rey held in his WWE career. Fans asked question later on in the proceedings.

Alex Shane was the host of the events
Merchandise available from our shop included Official WWE replica masks.
Rey signing unique artwork provided for the event

Rey Mysterio was such a class act. He managed to meet with everybody who had tickets and signed everything he could. We would like to thank Rey, his lovely wife Angie and everyone who turned out for this unique special event.

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