WWE Epic Moments – The Ultimate Deletion

Bray Wyatt and Broken Matt Hardy with tonnes of accessories make up The Ultimate Deletion play set which is part of the Epic Moments collection. At WrestleMania 35 axxess,...

WWE Ultimate Edition series Revealed

Mattel will unveil their new WWE action figure line entitled WWE Ulimate Edition on November 16 in California. It has been revealed the first two Ultimate Edition figures will be Ronda Rousey and Ultimate Warrior. WWE...

WWE Retro Figures: The Complete History

Announced in July 2016, at San Diego Comic Con, we take a closer look at Mattel's WWE Retro Figures. WWE Retro's manufactured by Mattel are based on Hasbro WWF Figures produced from 1990-1994, are the...

Upcoming WWE Figures and Reveals

Here is a look at some of the 2019 range of Mattel WWE figures.

Wrestling Shop Live Q&A with Bill Miekina

During Wrestling Shop Live 2018, we caught up with lead Mattel designer on the WWE action figure line, Bill Miekina.

Wrestling Shop Live 2018 Gallery

Here are some images from around our recent live event in Leicester Square London.

Go inside Curt Hawkins’ amazing WWE toy room

The WWE Elite Squad's Curt Hawkins (and his daughter) tour his expansive WWE action figure collection and provide a sneak peek at upcoming Elite Series action figures.

Hands-on with the MITB Carry Case for Figures

First released in 2017, the Money in the Bank Briefcase offers a unique way to either display or transport your WWE figures and accessories. WWE television and pay-per-view event themed props are often released either...

Various WWE 2K19 Entrance Videos

With WWE 2K19 on the horizon for worldwide release this October, here are some of the featured entrance videos released so far including some mashup crossover entrances.

Which WWE DVDs Could We See in 2019?

WWE issued a survey to members of its mailing list fairly recently, asking its WWE Universe for feedback on their 2019 DVD release schedule. The list asked fans via its Fan Council website about non-PPV...

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