June 2017 marks the 15th Year Anniversary for Wrestling Shop.

We wanted to share a little insight into the history of our company. We also want to share a special discount with you as a thank you for reaching 15 years, which we will provide at the bottom of this page.

In case you didnt know, Wrestling Shop is an independant company, privately owned in London England, which only stocks Official WWE products in a new condition. We work with most WWE licence holders to provide the best range of WWE products we can according to the demand of customers.

The founder and owner, Richard Coogan was a huge fan growing up and attended events such as SummerSlam 1992 at the old Wembley stadium in North London, as well as future WWF pay-per-views. It was his vision from being a fan and seeing a gap in the market which lead to Wrestling Shop being born.

Did you know that Wrestling Shop wasnt always known as Wrestling Shop? How did it all start?

So lets start from the beginning. Back from 2000-2001, before Wrestling Shop we had actually started a WWF video business under a seperate domain. We sold VHS tapes at the time, before the emergence of DVD as a standard.

We wanted to build a full range of items somehow as at the time there was not a seller in the UK with a very  wide product range.

So we nixed the video domain name and seeked out a more fitting name. 



Prior to May 2002, when we were registering our domain name, the WWE (trading under WWF at the time) were calling their Official shop WWF Shopzone, which changed to WWE Shopzone after May 2002 due to a lawsuit with the WWF name.

This leads to the name Wrestling Shop was previously; Wrestling Shopzone. 

Wrestling Shopzone logo (2002)

This is the first ever logo that we had and it was very basic! It just read simply the name as it was called and was used to fit in with the colour scheme on the website that we used at the time (wrestlingshopzone.com).

So which products did we start with?

The first ever products we stocked were Replica WWF/WWE championship belts and masks. We made an agreement to retail the items by importing them. At the time there was nobody stocking these items within the UK and as WWE we were in the transition to the logo/name change, there was still stock we could purchase with the WWF logo, namely the WWF attitude era replica belts which are very highly sought after!

We stocked the full range of WWF, WWE, WCW, ECW and AWA replica belts as they were all essentially under the WWE umbrella at this point. Most if not all were produced in Kids size, Adults size and two Deluxe versions; Deluxe (real leather strap as opposed to simulated leather) and Ultra deluxe (real leather strap plus 4mm thick plates as opposed to 2mm plates).

This became our core business together and the range of belt with replica masks which were manufacturered by the same company was quite large for a new business. Other than the replica belts, we stocked the super hot Official Rey Mysterio WWE masks in various colour combinations. More on Rey Mysterio later! 


Still as the business was growing, we wanted to offer more of a range of items under the Wrestling Shopzone banner. It was in 2003 that we started to sell WWE Action Figures. The manufacturer at this time was Jakks Pacific Inc., headquatered in Malibu, California.

We had started with the Ruthless Aggression, Ring Rage and Adrenaline 2-packs which were successful.


In 2004, Jakks Pacific released the first wave of what would become one of the most successful wrestling figures lines ever made: WWE Classic Superstars Series. This was the collectors item featuring legendary charachters, in collector packaging, in a size customers didnt previously have, which would fit in nicely with their existing Jakks WWE action figures.

One could also argue that the legendary Hasbro WWF figures (circa 1990-1994) are more collectible due to being 10-14 years prior and being the companies first big hit with action figures. Nevertheless, we didnt have any access to these as they had long gone out of circulation! The line would interesting make somewhat of a comeback in 2017. More on this later.

This line became a huge hit and would sell out almost immeadiately. Our retail price point on the WWE Classic Superstars was roughly £12 with slighly more for Exclusives. If you compare to todays inflation, where Mattel Basics are in this price range, together with the value of the Jakks Classic Superstars series, its very interesting.



August 2013 we sold at live events alongside the first ever Jim Ross live speaking tour.


May 2014 saw 









 October 2015 - Rey Mysterio events






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